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May 31, 2008 - Shooting recoil vest

As promised, here are my thoughts on the Evo-Shield Shooting Shirt.

In our 2007 Argentina trip, I fired 3,175 rounds killing a total of 2,045 doves. On that second day hunt I shot 1,573 birds and fired a total of 2,475 rounds. My shoulder, as demonstrated by the picture I sent previously, was mildly separated and significantly scabbed over from the recoil impact and the abrasive nature of the gun moving against the shirt. The last day (our final half day session) I shot 35% and fired less than 300 rounds. I could not effectively use one of the foam style shooting pads so I did not use any protection at all. The shoulder fatigue from the previous day was obviously significant and I did not compete for any notoriety or records within my group.

I just returned from our 2008 Cordoba expedition with significantly improved results. Over two and a half days I fired 4,425 rounds, killing 2,944 birds. The Evo-Shield shirt performed better than I could have expected and the picture I will send you shows the result of an undamaged shoulder. The most impressive statistic is the last day shooting results; I killed 1,519 doves on the last day while firing 2,325 cartridges. In the final half day session I shot over 73%, killing 639 birds on 875 rounds. The lack of shoulder fatigue and pain allowed me the ability to shoot all the way through my trip and I won the pot within our group for highest percentage kill ratio. It was a tremendous return on a very small investment and it made my trip so much more enjoyable than the previous year.

Thanks for turning me on to this great product. Take care.

I will assemble the other comments from the guys on opportunities for the shirt.

Scott Williams

Riverton Land Company

Fairhope , Alabama 

Best Shooting Recoil Pad

I just wanted to drop a note and give you a big thumbs up on the recoil reduction shirt that your company manufactures. I purchased your shirt in anticipation of my High Volume Wing shoot in Argentina last year. The first day shooting I shot around 1200 birds. The next day due to using your shirt I was able to shoot another 2300 birds. One of the other hunters at the lodge was an elderly gentleman who had been to Argentina many times. He told me that he had always wanted to break the infamous 2000 bird day but had not been able to due to the incredible repetitious recoil one endures with high volume shooting. He was skeptical but wore your shirt the third day of our hunt and was able to shoot over 2000 birds that day, man the smile on his face that evening at the lodge was priceless. The other hunter in our group was a world class shooter named Richard and the day he wore the shirt he shot over 3000 birds!!

Once again thanks for inventing such a SUPERIOR product and making it available to those of us who enjoy high volume wing shooting with none of the recoil pain that is generally associated with it.    Thanks,  Ron H.

September 15, 2009

WOW  I would never go hunting without it . My friends and I made a trip to Argentina I used the EVOSHIELD Recoil shirt and pad . It worked extremely well. I shot 2350 shells the first day and never felt a thing. The only thing I can say after days of shooting is I ended up getting tedonitis in my wrist from pulling the trigger so many times. My friends did not have Evoshield and they were bruised and sore. I would recommend it to anyone who plans on shooting alot. Thanks again
Tom in Texas

September 14, 2009

Evoshield, First of all I am 73 yrs old ( seasoned to perfection ), I need a complete shoulder replacement caused by my adventuress youth. I REFUSED the advice given to me by because it would take about a year to heal plus therapy and the shoulder wouldn't take the recoil of my sporting pieces. I have your recoil shirt and have on each occasion shot about 30 rd's from 30-06's, 270's and my Dakota 10 in a 7mm Dakota mag. I must have shot 500 rds this yearalone.This shooting has been going on spring, summer, and now fall that is coming up. I have recoil pads priced from $ 36.00 to $70.00 dollars and would you believe my last one I bought was your EVOshield shirt. Right now I want to purchase another shirt in the color tan, I will be calling your company tomorrow for the extra shirt. I didn't wear out the first one but I need a clean one to use the following day. I only wish this shirt's were around when I was much younger, The recoil shirt is heaven sent, three of my sons now have the shirt. Please keep making them - my grand son will be needing one soon and my great,great grand son will also need one some day.  JIM U.

 August 10, 2009

Well, I finally had the opportunity to get out and test the shirt with my WBY.  It was excellent.  Seriously, I was very impressed with how well it performed.  I put 20 rounds through my .338-378, and I could have kept shooting all day.  OL’s shooting editor, John S, was very intrigued by my feedback about the shirt.  In fact, he is interested in giving it a review/write-up in his shooting section after watching me use it.  Thanks, Matt K

June 26, 2009

I believe that the following real-life testimonial will be of interest to you and your potential customers.

I have been an active hunter and sporting clays enthusiast for more than forty years.  However, after I sustained massive injuries to my right shoulder in an accident and underwent extensive reconstructive surgery, my surgeon told me to not expect to resume shooting.  I was extremely disappointed by this news. 

While recuperating from surgery, I realized that I was not willing to give up the sport that easily, so I purchased an EvoShield shooting shirt and pad.   When it arrived, I followed the instructions and formed the pad so I could show it to my surgeon at my next check-up.  In fact, I wore my EvoShield to the surgeon’s office!!

The surgeon and his team of medical professionals were intrigued with the option that the EvoShield offered and were supportive of my desire to find a way to continue to participate in the sport.  I was so happy when they and gave me the “go ahead” to try it, although they jokingly cautioned that, “The worst that can happen is that you may lose the use of your right arm.” 

The following Saturday I went to the range to try the EvoShield.   I shot my 20 gauge Weatherby Athena, then my 12 gauge – and I was amazed that I did not feel any pain or discomfort.  The EvoShield performed EXACTLY as you claim. 

Not only have I been able to resume shooting sporting clays, I have been able to hunt dove, pheasant and quail.  Last week I went on a Russian Boar hunting adventure with my new rifle chambered in 270 WSM, and although this caliber of rifle generates massive energy, the EvoShield protected me so well that I FELT NOTHING.  

Thank you for marketing such a remarkable product.  It is a great value at any price and prudent insurance for the outdoor sportsman. Sincerely,  Hon James C.  James

March 22, 2009

Mr. Payne, I was introduced to one of your products at this years SHOT show.  At first I was rather skeptical, but I purchased  one of your recoil systems anyway.  The reason for the purchase is one of my favorite shotguns I nicknamed “The Kraken”.  It is a real light Charles Daly 3 ½” magnum 12 gage pump that I use to turkey hunt with.  It is ported and has a limbsaver recoil pad, all the good that does. In the past, patterning turkey loads was a sadistic ordeal.  This is a technique that really should be used on Al-Queda suspects, 3-rounds and I’ll tell you anything!  Just don’t make me shoot it again!

Last weekend  we were getting ready for the upcoming season again.  I sat down and hunched forward wearing my new recoil system under my shirt for the first time after fitting it.  Gritting my teeth I slowly squeezed the trigger. BOOOM! It took a second for my vision to clear, but I was not in pain!  I patterned around 15 rounds that day and can say by the end of the afternoon my shoulder was not even a little tender!  Freakin great product!

I would like to find out what it takes to become a dealer.  I am strictly a one man gun shop and realize that does not always coincide with a major manufacturers business plan. Thank you for you consideration.

Leon Rookey, GUNSMITH, Dade City, FL

March 20 , 2009

The first of April came and went and I forgot to call you.  Had I had any pain in my shoulder after shooting 40 rounds of 270 wsm I probably would have remembered to call a lot sooner.  But I have zero discomfort thanks to the EvoShield.

I am asking because so many of the people that see me wear my EvoShield have not seen or heard about your product but are fascinated by it and "wished"

they could have one.  I of course always show the package, provide the website and telephone number and give the 5 minute commercial about how my $40,000 rebuilt shoulder is protected by the EvoShield.  I remain curious as to how more shooters could be reached.  If you have a small brochure, I would be happy to keep some with me to hand out.  Maybe others would as well. 

Regards, James

October 14, 2008

Dave, I can’t say enough about the Evoshield recoil system.  I went to Mexico in August for a whitewingdove shoot, and it completely saved my shoulder.  As the beginning of the trip, all my buddies were giving me a hard time about using this new technology, as if it were a bad thing.  After all, what was wrong with a regular recoil pad?

Fast forward to the evening after a two hour hunt where we all shot 400+ rounds of 12 gauge in light summer shirts.  We’re sitting around the swim-up bar, and I start to notice how everyone’s shoulders are either bright red, or black and blue.  Meanwhile, my shoulder is still bright white (I don’t get out much in the sun....).  I had absolutely no bruising, no soreness....and I not so subtly let each of my buddies know how well that ‘new technology’ worked.  My guess is you’ll receive seven orders in the next few months....

One final note – I’ve shot several rounds of sporting clays with the Evoshield, and my scores have improved.  I feel strongly that my mount has become a great deal more consistent as a result of your system.

Thanks a ton, and continued success to you.
John F., Minneapolis, MN

October 13, 2008

Re; the Recoil system…EVERYONE raved about them at our shoot.  I will definitely be ordering another batch for our next event!  We have a few extras, but I will just keep them in case a client or two needs them here and there. 

We had a mix of new and old shooters.  The new shooters did GREAT, largely in part because they weren't afraid of the recoil.  One guy mentioned that he didn't do so well the first time because he flinched a lot.  The pad helped him perform a lot better and with greater confidence.  The veteran shooters, including myself, improved our scores as well.  I couldn't imagine anyone using them and not liking them.

Thanks, Linh T., John Hancock Ins.

October 2, 2008

The Evoshield shirts worked great on the hunt!  The video will show allot of action, allot of fun with out the pain.  Great product!  We look forward to telling everyone who shoots Evoshield is the way to go'  
Cody & Cody

September 4, 2008

Just wanted to let you know I was about my experience with your recoil system. This shirt is a must for any one that shoots birds on the high volume hunts. My son shot 30 boxes in 3 hours on one hunt with no shoulder pain or chafing from the recoil. He thought I was crazy for getting him the shirt until after the first day.  That's when he thanked me for it.

Thanks again, Bud W.

July 16, 2008

First, let me tell you about my hunting trip in Argentina. It was the best ever. I hunted duck, partridge and dove.

On the first morning of duck hunting, I got my limit of 30 in less than 2 hours. The dove hunting was really amazing. My first day I got about 1200 birds. The best part was in the afternoon. I shot about 770 birds in a little over 3 hours.

The shirts you sent me were fantastic!!!!!! No sore shoulder at all. The best part though was that the pad helped me shoot birds when I was really tired. I found that if I could just lift my shotgun up into the preformed groove, I would normally make my shot. The groove really helped me get my gun in position. Without it, it would have been much more difficult to make my shots.

I look forward to hearing from you and hunting more in Argentina.


July 1, 2008

Your recoil protection shirt (EvoShield) is the most amazing invention I have ever owned. I just returned from Dove Hunting In Argentina and did not have one bruise mark on my shooting arm. Last year my arm actually blistered and bruised and really I was very uncomfortable after the first day. (We average about 2000 rounds a day each) I am a believer and have recommended the EvoShield to many friends. Thanks for making my trip even more enjoyable. I will pack it first before I return next year. Thanks Rep. Jay Shaw -- Lakeland, GA

June 6, 2008

After years of sports related "abuse" my right shoulder has severe arthritis, to the point where total replacement was the alternative for pain and range of motion relief. My love for hunting led me to seeking surgical evaluation and proceeding in the direction of reconstruction. At the LAST evaluation with surgeon I inquired as to the effect ft/pounds of kinetic energy (recoil) would have on the appliance? After I explained my "recoil" question he was hesitant to say impact would have post surgery, his reluctance has led me to postpone surgery. At the recent NRA convention I purchased yourevoshield shooters shirt, last week I followed the simple instructions and spent 2 hours at the range with my .375 ultramag, I'm happy to report amazing lessoning of recoil and little pain from the heavy caliber. At some point surgery is in the cards but for now its Cape Buffalo in Africa 2010. I've ordered one more for myself and 2 for freinds and will probably be ordering more as I pass my story....thanks again, Kal L.

April 6, 2008

I purchased my first evoShield shirt with pad in February 2008 and wore it while sighting in my rifles in the following calibers: 7mm Magnum (160 gr.bullet), 30.06 (180 and 220 gr.bullets) and 300 WeatherbyMagnum (180 gr.bullet). Over 3 different dates (I shot all three calibers each day), I used a total of about 15 rounds per caliber.

The evoShield shirt was super! I wore it as directed with a tight fit, and the system took the recoil out of those bangers, especially the heavier recoil 300 Weatherby mag..

I later used the shirt in Argentina shooting red stagg, ram and goat, and I couldn't tell I was wearing it, except for one day when the temperature hit the high 70's and I was a little warm due to the snug fit. Great product and I will buy more.

Mar 2,2008

David, thank you for going the extra mile and getting your recoil system to me before I left to go to Argentina on my annual dove hunt.

I have been shooting in Argentina for about 10 years now and have always looked for a recoil pad that would stay put but, not be bulky since you mount your gun so many, many times down there. Six of us made the trek this past February, 2008 and three wore your product and three wore other products. The three that wore the other products ended up having the normal bruises and scrapes because the recoil pad was either too small or they were not getting the gun where it belonged on the mount. The other three of us only had bruises where we had miss-mounted our guns, mostly on our bicep, but absolutely none on our shoulders. The three of us that used your system ranged from beginners to folks who had shot all of their lives. Due to the pad being fitted for you and then it hardening, it must soak up and divert the recoil of the gun across the whole recoil pad. Also, because of the fitting process, it is much easier to get the gun mounted to where it belongs. I am going to fit some kids that I shoot with, with your pad to see if it will help them mount their guns more consistently, thereby allowing them to shoot better and have more fun.

By the way, I now have the record amount of dove shot in a single day. I shot 10,012 birds with 13,000 rounds in around 14 hours of shooting! The folks at Sierra Bravo in Cordoba, Argentina put me in the “HONEY HOLES of HONEY HOLES”. I have never seen as many birds flying in such a small area for that amount of time! Again, I did not have a bruise and probably kept shooting well because of that. I cannot recommend your product any stronger than to say I have purchased several more and will continue buying them and recommending them to all of my hunting buds.

Thanks again for making sure I received your product before the hunt! You have a superb product and showed your great customer ethic!

J Minter, TX


Feb 11,2008

Stan, Jim is the Chief Shooting Instructor at Triple B here in the Los Angeles area. (He is also my instructor) Jim helped me “fit” the EvoShield this morning. After about 20 minutes, we went shooting and your product is remarkable. Virtually no felt recoil; just a gentle “push”. Jim has been teaching for many years and this was the first time he had the opportunity to see your product in action. He asked for the package with your contact information and I gladly gave it to him. I expect you will here from Jim in the morning.

Jan 24,2008

I used the shirt last week quail hunting in South Georgia and it

works very well. It is amazingly effective---and you'll sell many

to people who shoot alot. Thanks again.

Bogle, GA

Dec 31,2007

Your recoil protection shirt (EvoShield) is the most amazing invention I have ever owned. I just returned from Dove Hunting In Argentina and did not have one bruise mark on my shooting arm. Last year my arm actually blistered and bruised and really I was very uncomfortable after the first day. (We average about 2000 rounds a day each) I am a believer and have recommended the EvoShield to many friends. Thanks for making my trip even more enjoyable. I will pack it first before I return next year.

Thanks Rep. Jay Shaw -- Lakeland, Georgia

July 24,2007

I bought 6 of these . My sons and I took them to Argentina for a high volume dove/duck shoot. After firing about 8,000 rounds in a week, I had one little red mark on my shoulder. It works.

Larry S., post from AccurateReloading.Com

July 2,2007

I'm very happy with your product... it's simply amazing....I cant say enough about the recoil pad. What a great great product! Thanks for checking back with me.... I'll be ordering more in the future. Trust that....Thanks again.....

Stu R, Lynwood,WA

June 12, 2007

I am writing to tell you how happy I am I found your product. I purchased your recoil shirt and shield a few months ago. I do a decent amount of trap shooting (for someone living in a city) with a 12 gauge that only has a hard plastic butt, no recoil pad. I've had my share of bruises. I was never really satisfied with what's generally available as far as shirts, vests and jackets or recoil pads and such. For the last few years I've been looking for something more comfortable and not as loose as a vest or jacket. I even considered trying to make something myself. The best idea I could come up with was to use something "spandex-like". So I went in search for "spandex-like" shirts and bingo there you guys were. Now that I've used your product several times with several different guns I can say that its the best shooting accessory I've ever purchased. Because the pad molds to your body and to the stock of the gun I shoulder my gun more consistently and shoot with more consistency. I found exactly what I was looking for. A shirt that wasn't too loose or baggy but comfortable, and although it fits tightly its not at all uncomfortable. As an added bonus I shoot a little better. And as far as the performance of the shield itself......Incredible!!! I feel almost nothing while I'm shooting, I have no soreness or bruising or anything ever. This is now an essential item to have when going shooting. I will never be without one. Ultimately I can not put into words how happy I am with this product.

Mark D. Brooklyn, NYEY BRYANT

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