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Shooting Recoil (Shield Only)

Evoshield Recoil Shield(Shield only)

The EvoShield Recoil Shield is now available for purchase without the Recoil Shirt.
The Shield fits all shirts, regardless of size and shooting stance. 

Our Price: €35.00

  Product Code: 200R


Rip the EvoShield Recoil Shield out of the foil pack and slide it into the shoulder pocket of your EvoShield Recoil Shirt.  Work your natural gun set into the shield for 5-10 minutes.  After 20 minutes, your EvoShield Recoil Shield is permanently formed to your shoulder and natural gun set. INCLUDES:  Recoil Shield Only


  • The world’s first custom-moulding Recoil protection.
  • Reduces felt recoil by more than 90%.
  • Impact is dispersed – not absorbed - to minimize flinch when shooting. Focus on the target, not on your shoulder.
  • Improves accuracy by creating your own personal gun set. EvoShield’s Recoil Shield moulds to your shoulder and gun placement during the forming process. 
  • Now each time you raise your rifle or shotgun to take a shot, the gun is set in the same place every time.
  • The universal Recoil Shield can be used with any gun stock. 
  • The Recoil Shield was ergonomically designed to follow the upper shoulder line to allow a natural shooting movement. 
  • The Recoil Shield is made of thin, lightweight composite material and is covered in a breathable mesh top and soft polymer.

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