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Evoshield Ireland is the supplier of EvoShield "protective gear for elite performance" in Ireland, United Kingdom & Europe.


Evoshield Ireland is the supplier of EvoShield "protective gear for elite performance" in Ireland, N.I, U.K (United kingdom) and Europe. All guarantees and warranty issues ultimately are the responsibility of evoshield, LLC in the U.S. No guarantees are given by evoshield Ireland on evoshield products but evoshield Ireland will look after any issues that you might have to help resolve them as quickly as possible. This equipment may be used to help in preventing or reducing the extent of injury in areas covered by the protective material. No equipment can guarantee player safety from injury or death when participating in sporting events. This equipment carries no such guarantee.

EvoShield LLC U.S offers a warranty on all evoshield merchandise

All merchandise is warrantied for 1 year against defects in material and workmanship, but not against mishandling, normal wear and tear (especially in batting gloves), uncommon abuse, or superficial damage to the appearance of the product. Defective merchandise will be replaced with a product of the same type, colour, and size.

*Batting gloves are not subject to the traditional warranty offered by EvoShield because of traditional wear and tear. Warranty coverage for the batting gloves is determined on an individual basis.

Customer Data Protection: The handling and collection of any personal information is processed in accordance with local law and are not sold to third parties.

Q: What is the returns policy?
A: We offer you a 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases from Items must be returned in new, unused and original condition within 30 days from the purchase date. When the product is returned to evoshield Ireland, it will be inspected, if undamaged and shields are unopened a credit will be issued. 
Q:  Can I buy just the shields for the chest armour shirt?
A:   Yes, if the shirt still fits, more shields can soon be purchased through the website or call 087 7999743
Q:  The shield has a bump because it was folded when it was in of the foil pack?
A:   If shields are stiff or have folds, bend repeatedly to smooth out any folds before inserting in shirt and fitting on athlete, No need to rush as the shields will begin hardening in 3 to 5 minutes.

Q:  Is it a problem if the pad is not perfectly smooth after hardening?  
A:    We recommend massaging out any major bumps or folds during the time that the shields are hardening/curing.  Minor folds or bumps are common and the pads still protective if the shirt and pads are comfortable while worn.

Q:  Can I just leave the shirt on after the fitting process, or do I have to take it off and hang it up?
A:  Yes you can leave it on and it will still harden as normal, just avoid sitting slumped over, or the shields will incorrectly form.

Q:  Can I buy more than one shirt?
A:   Yes, you can purchase the shirt by itself without pads on the website.

Q:   What if I outgrow the shirt and the pads?
A:    Like a pair of shoes, they will normally be replaced with a larger size if you change sizes.

Q:   Can the shields be removed from the shirt?
A:    Yes, but be careful not to allow the shield to fold, as they could crack if too much force is applied.

Q:   What are the washing instructions?
A:   For the shirt, Machine wash warm/Cold with no bleach or fabric softener, dry with medium heat. Remove and hand wash the shields in warm water, and pat them dry.  Do not run the shields through the wash or dryer, as excessive heat might cause them to malform,  the pressures in the wash could cause them to fold and crack.

Q:  How do they harden?
A:  It's a patented process that allows them to cure when they come in contact with air and humidity using treated materials sewn into the pads themselves.
Q:  Is there a warranty?
A:   Yes, products are warranted to be free of manufacturer defects for 90 days from day of purchase by end user from evoshield ireland website.

Q:  Is it possible to form the shields more than one time.
A:   No, the process is not reversible, the shields are permanently formed to your body shape one time.



Ph: 00353 (0) 87 7999743

Fax: 046 97 37245 

Evoshield Ireland, Croghan, Rhode, Offaly, Ireland. CRO:434690. Email: evoshield Ph: 00353 87 7999743.