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Rib Guard for Gaelic football

"I Have had my fair share of knocks and bangs but the worst one of all was when I was sickened with a blow to the ribs playing for Offaly last year. I now wear the evoshield rib guards and I am more confident going up for a ball when my ribs are completely exposed but the best thing is that its so light and thin you would barely even know you were wearing it"

Niall Mcnamee, Offaly Footballer


Rib Guard for Hurling

" I wore the evoshield rib guard system through the whole season after breaking a rib earlier in the year. I played every game for Tipperary in the all Ireland championship thanks to the protection evoshield gave me"

Paddy Stapleton, Tipperary Hurler

Fore-arm protection

I badly broke both bones of my fore arm at the start of last year with my club Carrigtwohill and was told I would be out for the season. After five months I purchased the evoshield customised forearm guard and the compression arm sleeve. As it can be moulded onto the arm it fitted perfectly and gave unbeatable protection and gave me the confidence to return to training. Within a month I was back playing and part of the Carrigtwohill team to win its first senior club championship in Cork in 93 years and participate in the Munster club Championship. It is light weight, highly durable and impact resistant. It is so comfortable you do not realise you are wearing it from day one. I would highly recommend this guard to anyone who has suffered a fore arm break and wish to return to sport with full confidence knowing they are fully protected.

Ronan Power, Cork 

Fore Arm Hurling Guard
Fractured Fore Arm Protection
Fore Arm Operation Protection
August 2014
I am a wearer of an ICD (Internal Cardiac Defibrilator).
I do a lot of sport, including hicking and fitness.
For a long time I was looking for a good protective solution for the ICD when doing these sports.
This seems to be it! So simple, cheap and a perfect fit.
Brings not only protection, but also confidence in sports, brilliant peace of kit!
A very satisfied customer!

Chris, Netherlands 

ICD Protection

Wanted to let you know that the shirt arrived and it fits perfectly!

I am a wearer of an ICD (Internal Cardiac Defibrilator).
I do a lot of sport, including hicking and fitness.
For a long time I was looking for a good protective solution for the ICD when doing these sports.
This seems to be it! So simple, cheap and a perfect fit.
Brings not only protection, but also confidence in sports, brilliant peace of kit!
A very satisfied customer!

Kidney Protection

"Having successfully received a kidney transplant in 2011 I was keen to get back hurling as soon as possible however I was extremely conscious of leaving myself open to an injury on my ribs and the potential effect it could have on my new kidney. Luckily I came across Evoshield.  It offered complete protection and didn't inhibit my performance in any way. I'd happily go in to any tackle now confident that I'm fully protected. I can't speak highly enough of the product and would recommend it to anyone" 

Diarmuid Corcoran, Longford Hurler. 

Rib Protection

Last October in the last game of the season,  I suffered a punctured lung along with a couple of cracked ribs while playing Gaelic football for my club Erin Go Bragh. I got a kick in the ribs  while blocking a ball and it left
me in hospital for a nearly a week.
I was wary about coming back to play again so I searched on the net for rib protection and i found Evoshield rib protector. I am delighted i found this product as hitting and tackling is a big part of my game. It really gives me the confidence to jump into tackles without fear of ending up with another punctured lung. It is lightweight and also moulds to the shape of my body for a perfect fit. Not only does it give me awesome protection but it gives me confidence and peace of mind as well.
I would recommend Evoshield to anybody playing contact sports.

Dylan, Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland

American Football

Steve McDonnell, Wide Receiver says "American Football is not a contact sport, it's a collision sport and coming off an injury, evoshield gave me the protection & confidence to get right back in the game" 


fore-arm Protection

Thought I would post my personal recommendation for Evoshield and their products.

Last year I broke my left forearm, both bones with straight fractures lead to 2 plates and 13 screws to get it back to its normal shape and strength. While I recovered I was left on the side lines waiting for the day I could return to play with my local hockey team. I played one match and set myself back, it also alerted me that I needed extra protection for this type of injury. But could I find anything that would help protect both sides of my arm but be light enough to play with still? 

I came across Evoshield Ireland and after an email and a very friendly phonecall I placed my order for the 2 products I needed. The advantage that Evosheild had was awesome ability to mold it to customise my own protection for my arm. I was using small to medium sized shin guards, one on one side and leaving that one on mold the other on top. Then with the sleeve over I tried a few swings and still had my full movement. 

I played my first match on Saturday past there and played like I never left, but with the added confidence that my game didn't have to change because I knew I had brilliant protection that would see me through a collision with someone or something. I cant recommend it enough and the diverse use the molding ability gives it just fantastic. The price of it all really sealed the deal for me. I'm not going to make a career from hockey so the price suited me perfectly to get me back to it. 


Here's a picture of both the guards on (No Sleeve though!) just after being set. Brilliant!

Thomas, Belfast.

Forearm protection

Rib Protection

"I would not have made it through my last two games without my rib guards. I took loads of hits especially in the Dublin Hurling final and it didn't bother me. You would forget you had them on but the protection they give you is second to none. I wont be going on the field without them" 

David Curtin, Dublin Hurler 

Foot fracture protection

"I was very fortunate to get the evoshield. Basically , you mould it to the area, wear it under the sock and it provides protection"

Barry Cahill, All Ireland football winner

Thumb Guard

I was suffereing with severe swelling and bruising around my thumb and was finding it difficult to grip my hurl with both hands. Upon impact my injured thumb would slide off my hurl resulting in severe pain and a poor strike. With the evoshield thumb guard I found that I had no problem gripping the hurl and my hand did not release upon striking the sliothar. The shield also withstood any belts from opponent's hurls which allowed me to play pain-free for the entire game. Great credit must go to you for innovating such a user-friendly, affordable and effective item of sports equipment.
With thanks,
Michael Verney (Birr hurler).


A100 Chest protector, Modified to protect the abdomen also

My son Jack was born with kidney failure. He had his 2 kidneys removed in the first 6 months of life and was put on dialysis for 2 years. My Wife Cassandra donated her kidney to jack, which had to be located in his abdomen when Jack was 2 1/2 years old. 

Jack is 8 years old now and doing brilliantly. He is obsessed with sports mainly gaelic football and soccer. His doctor has told him he must wear protective padding for any contact sports. Jack plays for the under 10 Navan O'Mahonys team and has found the custom fitted evoshield guard to provide the perfect protection for his abdomen and chest area.I will forward a photo of jack with his evoshield guard on over weekend.Thanks for all your help 

Regards, Wayne, Navan, Co Meath.


Thumb Guard

I tried the evoshield guard today for the first time since my operation (still 2 weeks before i should but anyway). It is very good and works very well. it works perfect with the ashguard glove also. I have just ordered another one for one of the lads hurling with the club.

I will be promoting for you at every opportunity!!!

Regards, Michael Kelly, Chapelizod, Dublin

Evoshield Ireland, Croghan, Rhode, Offaly, Ireland. CRO:434690. Email: evoshield Ph: 00353 87 7999743.