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Evoshield Ireland is the supplier of EvoShield "protective gear for elite performance" in Ireland, United Kingdom & Europe.

Evoshield compared to Kevlar
Evoshield Technology

EvoShield’s protective shields are made of a unique porous composite material that hardens with exposure to air. As the shields harden, they form to the shape of the athlete’s body, creating a custom fit protective guard. The material begins soft and flexible, but the chemical components inside the gel-like pads begin to harden when the shields are removed from the foil bag. In about 20–30 minutes, the once soft pad transforms into a hard and protective guard that is permanently molded to the desired shape.

Results from intensive impact deformation testing have shown that EvoShield products disperse the force of impact better than EVA foam and hard plastic, the most common materials found in sports protection. The results, shown below, are measures of backface deformation. Backface deformation is the effect of a non-penetrating projectile on the rear face of a strike plate. It essentially measures how far an object is allowed to protrude against a protective surface. The extent of allowable deformation set by NIJ is 44 mm.” [3] The items tested include: EvoShield’s Chest/Rib Guard, a competing Batter’s Chest Guard, a Catcher’s Chest Guard and a bare subject.

[4] EvoShield Impact Chart.png

As evidenced by the chart, EvoShield’s Chest & Back Guard generated almost 4 millimeters less of backface deformation than the competing chest protector and almost 10 millimeters less than wearing no protection at all. EvoShield yielded some of the best impact results ever seen for a material of its weight and thickness. 

Evoshield Ireland, Croghan, Rhode, Offaly, Ireland. CRO:434690. Email: evoshield Ph: 00353 87 7999743.