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2 Custom-Moulding Protective Rib Shields, 1 Fitted Performance Shirt with integrated NanoCell™ spine and AC pads

EvoShield Adult HYBRIDPRO Protective Rib Shirt

Designed for the aggressive Americn football player that hits the hole, fearlessly takes on defenders and dishes out punishing blows, EvoShield’s HybridPro™ Football Rib Shirt is the next level in high impact rib protection. Combining two revolutionary technologies – high impact Gel-to-Shell™ custom-molding Shields and low impact Nanocell™ spine and AC pads – this protective rib shirt is unlike anything else in the football protective category. The GTS Shields custom form to the athlete’s ribs and disperse impact to protect better than traditional foam or plastic protective gear in padded football rib shirts or bulky flak jackets vests

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  • The ultrathin, lightweight GTS Rib Shields start soft and flexible but transform to hard and protective in minutes. Simply remove the Shields from the foil bag to air activate the custom-moulding process.  Slide shield into the pockets of the compression performance shirt for the same personalized protection worn by elite professional and collegiate teams. 
  • Impact is dispersed for elite protection, not absorbed like in foams and hard plastics.  Learn more about EvoShield Gel-to-Shell technology here:
  • Custom moulds exactly to the contours of each athlete's body.  EvoShield's comfortable, snug fit doesn’t interfere with mobility – move with freedom and confidence.
  • Sweat wicking performance fabric keeps you dry and comfortable.
  • With direction from elite athletic trainers, this shirt also incorporates Nanocell™ spine and AC pads to create the ultimate combination of protection and comfort.  Nanocell™ AC pads designed to be hollow directly above joint, offering protection surrounding the joint without placing pressure on the joint itself.  Nanocell™ spine pad offers protection in centre of back below the shoulder pads.
  • Once formed, Shields provide season long protection and durability.  Shirt is machine washable. Cold water. Dry on low heat. Shields are removable and hand washable. 
  • One Year Season-Long Warranty and Perfect Fit Guarantee
  • Sizes: S-2XL
  • Colour: New Graphite
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