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EvoShield Adult HYBRIDPRO & HYBRID 2.O  Rib Shirt 
From €75
EvoShield HYBRIDPRO & HYBRID 2.O 5 Piece Girdle
From €84.99 €65
EvoShield Protective Arm Sleeve
Our Price: €29.99
Protective Thigh Guards
Our Price: €29.99
Evoshield Wrist Guards (pair) Our price: €39.99
Youth sizes €89.99


 Hourglass Multi-format Guard
Our Price: €21.99
 Oval Multi-Use Guard
Our Price: €21.99
Evoshield's Protective Sportswear for American Football is now available to UK, Ireland and rest of Europe through evoshield Ireland. The New Hybrid Pro Series is Available here from September 2012. The Hybrid pro rib Shirt and 5 piece Girdle's ultra light design provides high impact protection using custom moulding shields. Unlike anything else in the football protective category. The GTS Shields custom form to the athlete’s body and disperse impact to protect better than traditional foam or plastic protective gear in padded football rib shirts or bulky flak jackets vests. Combining two revolutionary technologies – high impact Gel-to-Shell™ custom-Moulding Shields and low impact Nanocell™ Spine and AC pads..The rib Shirt and Girdle features our new sweat-wicking performance fabric, built-in Nanocell™ protective tail and hip pads and EvoShield’s signature custom-molding Gel-to-Shell™ (GTS) Thigh Guards. Simply remove the Shields from the foil bag to air activate the custom-moulding process. These ultrathin, lightweight Shields start soft, but transform to hard and protective in minutes. Form the guards once and wear them all season long.
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